Work after the wedding

Last two months

  • Our wedding was great!
  • After that, we made a one night romantic trip to a region on NW of Czech Republic called „Czech Paradise“.
  • Ana-Maria joined team of sunday school leaders in our local church. She plans to do a special missionary sunday school program about Romania, where she is from.
  • Ana continues to wort as kind of baby sitter. She takes care of two little children (4 and 2) and of their household. We are thankful for this job of her, although its only temporary.
  • Michael did a lots of technical and administrative wor­k.
  • Michael began to teach Introduction to Computer Sciences at the Bible school.
  • Michael continues to study on Global University. Once he reaches his BA degree, he may be allowed to start to teach theological subjects on bible school. He misses only 28 of 96 credits, but often he lacks time due to his commitment to the Bible school.


The greatest challenge was the question of our accomodation. Considering our monthly income, we could not afford any thinkable space for living. It was impossible.
Fortunately our friends from local church bought a bigger house recently and rented us a separate flat. The flat ain't big and it's in village 7km from bible school, but its affordable and so far greatly blessed. We are living in unexpected comfort despite all circumstances. Michael can ride his bike well :-). So can Ana-Maria and she can also use bus to get to her work.


  1. Ana needs a stable job with permanent contract.
  2. Michael needs a strength and determination to work and to study with all his heart.
  3. We both are going through various health problems. Nothing serious, though.
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