The Wedding

Our wedding went almost according to our best wisher. We thank all the guests who came to participate. We thank them for unexpected help and sacrifices they made for us.
Looking back to our wedding and to past few years, our thanks belong to God on the first place, because of all those incredible and unprecedented things He had done.

Wedding photos

Collection of our wedding photos is stored on SkyDrive. We hope it'll make your browsing easier. Direct sharing link: http://sdrv.ms/T0qquw

Wedding video

This video was presented on our wedding.

Recalling Jihlava

On November 25th we visited our friends in Jihlava to encourage them with our testimonies and with a short word. Even this short visit made us to recall our memories to evangelistic outreach we participated on together 18 months ago. Pastor Radim noticed, that during that 10 days outreach a Google Streetview was passing around and recorded us briefly.

Michael is a tall guy with yellow shorts and grey t-shirt. Ana is probably sitting in a shaddow under trees in the middle of square.

Church in Jihlava surprised us with responsiveness and helpfulness. They supported us in every way, which lifted us up, so that we are joyfuly looking forward for repay them their goodness. God bless them!


During our moving, we've been blessed with great provision. We will note several facts here. We don't claim them as miracles, nor do we deny their miraculousness. These facts are your prayers fulfilled with God's provision.

  • We cook on gas from a bomb. The interesting fact is that the cheapest gas is near our new residence! Normal price per 10Kg of PB is 400,– Kč, local businessman sells it for 300,– Kč.
  • Before moving, we needed to buy some crucial household equipment and stuff, much of which was discounted.
  • We didn't have to spend a crown for any piece of furniture.
    • Unknown older couple from Kolín left us two comfortable chairs and sofa.
    • Bible school gave us a writing desk and a wardrobe.
    • Our parents left us a round table.
  • The only basic household appliance we missed was a microwave oven. Not that we couldn't live without it, but its just good thing to have. We received one from missionaries who were returning to USA.