During our moving, we've been blessed with great provision. We will note several facts here. We don't claim them as miracles, nor do we deny their miraculousness. These facts are your prayers fulfilled with God's provision.

  • We cook on gas from a bomb. The interesting fact is that the cheapest gas is near our new residence! Normal price per 10Kg of PB is 400,– Kč, local businessman sells it for 300,– Kč.
  • Before moving, we needed to buy some crucial household equipment and stuff, much of which was discounted.
  • We didn't have to spend a crown for any piece of furniture.
    • Unknown older couple from Kolín left us two comfortable chairs and sofa.
    • Bible school gave us a writing desk and a wardrobe.
    • Our parents left us a round table.
  • The only basic household appliance we missed was a microwave oven. Not that we couldn't live without it, but its just good thing to have. We received one from missionaries who were returning to USA.
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